Thanks to the succesful cooperation with  Petra Kemmler there is the final confirmation that  Johann Jakob Kemmler, born on  Oct 27, 1842 in Zollikon, Switzerland, was the son of Johann Georg Kemmler, who was born April 15, 1817 in Nehren and emigrated after 1831  to Switzerland.

The father of Johann Georg Kemmler, Christian Kemmler stemmed originally from  Maehringen and was the founder of the Kemmler branch in Nehren after his marriage with  Barbara Fauser from Nehren.

First contacts to the descendants of Johann Jakob Kemmler were established already in 2003, however there was still the final evidence missing for the relationship of  Johann Jakob and Johann Georg Kemmler.

On the provided family record of the city of Zollikon it is recorded that  Johann Georg Kemmler had three more children who reached the marriage age:

At this point I wanted to express my special thanks to Petra Kemmler for her great support.

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