For end of September we will get another visitor from the U.S. Wesley Riehle and his brother Richard Riehle, grand-sons of Johann Georg Riehle, born Feb 5, 1879 in Maehringen, who emigrated in 1902 to Harrington, WA will visit us together with their spouses from September 29th – October 1st.

One of their big wishes is, to meet relatives here in Germany. Therefore we are searching for the descendants of Johann Georg Riehle, born May 27, 1854 in Maehringen and his wife Maria Agnes Riehle, born March 3, 1853 in Maehringen. Here is a list with the kids of the couple with their partners – as far as I know them.

Descendants of Johann Georg and Maria Agnes Riehle
Descendants of Johann Georg and Maria Agnes Riehle

Descendants of the couple, who are interested to meet with Wesley and his brother Richard, please get in contact with Hans Kern from the Historical Society or directly with me

This picture, taken around 1950, shows the family of John George Riehle and his wife Edna.

from left, back row: Paul W. , David C., Frederick B., Agnes E., Albert G.
from left, front row: Philip J., Edna A., Johann Georg, Daniel

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  1. I found this page by pure chance. Looking for one of my ancestors from Baden (Johann Georg Riehle – 1770-1849) I saw a link here and knowing that Maehrigen has/had lots of Riehle’s I took a look. I do a website ( that attempts to identify as many Riehle Immigrants ancestors to the US as possible. We have several Riehle’s from Maehrigen but this Johann Georg Riehle is one I had not identified. Although I have him in my Maehrigen Tree with a year of birth there is no other information or any indication he emigrated. I hope to eventually do a short article and a link to your page. Meanwhile please have a look at our Maehrigen page at

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