Substantial hot spot of emigrants in Washtenaw Co.

Already in the early stage of my research I have received evidence that Washtenaw Co. and Ann Arbor had been another center of settlement of emigrants from my hometown area beside Williams Co. and Crawford Co. in Ohio. So it’s no very surprising that Tuebingen is the partner city of Ann Arbor.

Search for ancestors

The Historical Society and I are very interested to know where the emigrants finally settled and what happened to them in the New World. Therefore we would be very much interested to get in touch with the descendants of the emigrants and we would be happy to share the ancestral information with them.

So if you have a German heritage from the former Kingdom of Wuerttemberg and the names Braun, Grauer, Gruner, Hilber, Kern, Schettler, Schiller, Trinkle are part of your ancestor chart  you may have a look to the following sources:

With the name  and birth date of your ancestor I should be able to match it with the data in my database. In case of a match I will be happy to provide additional information about your German roots and family relationships.

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Updated Emigration Statistics – US

Available information During the last days I have made an update on the statistics in my emigrant database. The total number of persons who emigrated to North America is 1.423