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Stockach is a small village close to Immenhausen and Hinterweiler on the top of a small hill.  Before 1850 very often the couples from Stockach have been married in the church of Dusslingen. Obviously  Stockach had no own church during this time.


Georg Kemmler born May 5,1654  married Babara Koch from Wankheim and settled in Wankheim and therefore started the Kemmler dynasty there. His father Georg originally was from Ohmenhausen. Martin Kemmler, born Oct 17, 1838 was the father of the Kemmler line in Stockach after his marriage with  Anna Margarethe Haug.


Reference is made to the administration in Gomaringen.

Lutheran Parish

The Lutheran parish records can be found in the parish of Gomaringen and for the early days (before 1800) in the
parish of Dusslingen.

Pfarramt Gomaringen
Kirchenplatz 2
72810 Gomaringen
Phone: +49 (7072) 9104-20
Website: http://kirche-gomaringen.de
The Lutheran parish records are available locally, but they may not accessible to the public. Copies of the books and registers have been microfilmed by the Wuerttembergische Evangelische Kirche. Copies of the mircofilms are also available from the Mormon church.

Last names of emigrants in my database

Digel, Haug, Kußmaul (Kussmaul), Kuttler, Majer, Renz, Schäfer (Schaefer), Wittel

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