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Goenningen is directly located at the bottom of the “Schwaebische Alb”, in the valley between the Stoeffelberg and the Rossberg. The little river Wiesatz is passing trough the city. The former independent city is now part of the city of Reutlingen.

Goenningen is famous for their wonderful flowers on their cemetery during spring. It’s due to an already long term tradition initiated by the seedsman trading also with high value flower-bulbs from the Netherlands for tulips, hyacinths, narcissuses etc. The cemetery is visited by a lot of tourists.

The Rossberg tower is one of the excursion points of the region, it’s located 869 m over sea level and from the tower you have a wonderful view to the Neckar valley in direction of Stuttgart and the Black Forrest.

Goenningen also hosts seed trade museum.


The first Kemmler, who I could identify from the church records was  Hans Kemmler, born around 1570 who was married to  Barbara Hermann.


Stadtverwaltung Reutlingen
Website: http://www.reutlingen.de/de/Leben-in-Reutlingen/Unsere-Stadt/Stadtteile/Goenningen/Start

Lutheran Parish

Torstraße 20,
72770 Reutlingen
Phone: +49 7072 2365
Website: http://www.ekggoenningen.de/
The Lutheran parish records are available locally, but they are not accessible to the public. Copies of the books and  registers have been microfilmed by the Wuerttembergische Evangelische Kirche. Copies of the microfilms are also  available via the Mormon church.

Last names of emigrants in my database

Kemmler, Klett

Some pictures
Entrance of the church in Goenningen
Entrance of the church in Goenningen

The church is too big, that I could make a full scale picture without special equipment.






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Seed trade museum in Goenningen

There is a museum in Goenningen showing equipment and documents about the trading activities. It’s called Samenhandelsmuseum and is located at: Stöfflerplatz 2 72770 Reutlingen – Goenningen Phone: +49 7121