My research started with the area called Haerten which consists of the five towns Wankheim, Maehringen, Immenhausen, Jettenburg and Kusterdingen where the administration is located. During a reorganization process in 1975, they have been combined to one town called Kusterdingen, which has been the largest of the five.

For these 5 towns I have recorded all Kemmlers as well as all emigrants as far as the information was available. You will find more
information in this respect on the Emigration page.

In the past years I have extended my Kemmler research to the cities nearby in the whole state of Baden-Wuerttemberg as well as the area around Bughaun and Rothenkirchen in Hessen. The overall list of Kemmler birth places in Germany can be accessed here. In a second file where I have split the cities by state.

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So beside the five Haerten cities I have also created individual pages for: Tuebingen, Moessingen, Dusslingen, Gomaringen,
Hinterweiler, Stockach, Pfullingen, the city of Reutlingen and their formerly independent cities of Betzingen  Bronnweiler, Goenningen, Ohmenhausen, Reicheneck. The information provided is not always complete. Any  contribution would be highly appreciated.


Betzingen is located between Jettenburg and Reutlingen and today is part of the county city of Reutlingen. The industrial area of Betzingen has nearly reached Jettenburg. Betzingen was a center
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Bronnweiler is located southeast of Gomaringen at the bottom of the “Schwäbische Alb”. Today Bronnweiler is a part of the large city of Reutlingen.
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Dusslingen was first mentioned in the year 888 confirming the ownership of Dusslingen by King Arnulf to his Kaplan  Otolf. The old name was “Tuzzilinga”. Near by the actual city
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Goenningen is directly located at the bottom of the “Schwaebische Alb”, in the valley between the Stoeffelberg and the Rossberg. The little river Wiesatz is passing trough the city. The
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Gomaringen is nicely located at the bottom of the Schwaebischen Alb. The surrounding is dominated by wood-, fruit- and grass meadows. The neighbor cities are Reutlingen, Moessingen and Tuebingen. Due
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Hinterweiler is located between Gomaringen,  Immenhausen and Stockach. Formerly independent Hinterweiler is today part of the city of Gomaringen.
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Immenhausen is on the eastern border of the Haerten area and is the smallest of the five towns. However the town is very proud to have won various prices in
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The town of Jettenburg is on the southern border of the Haerten area and is separated by the highway 28 from the other towns in the  north. In the last
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Kusterdingen is the largest of the five towns and the administrative headquarter of the Haerten area since 1975, when the five towns have been merged into one within a reorganization
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