2.175 emigrants are online

As a side effect of my intensified research to find the destinations of the recorded emigrants I have found quite a no. of new emigrants of whom we haven’t been a aware of. As a consequence the no. of recorded emigrants has grown to 2.175. For a growing number of emigrants I have found where […]

Kemmler in Gebersheim have their offspring in Ohmenhausen

View on Germersheim

By accident I detected that there existed Kemmler families in Gebersheim near the city of Leonberg. After an more indept view I noticed that the Kemmler family haver their roots in Ohmenhausen. Martin Kemmler, born  April 30, 1717 in Ohmenhausen, son of Johann Jakob Kemmler, married in Gerbersheim, Christina Dorothea Widmayer.

1,945 emigrants are online

The  no of emigrants in my database is continously  increasing. In the meantime I have recorded 1945 emigrated persons and published online. I have also uploaded the emigrants to ancestry to a public tree so that other researcher can find them.

In Memoriam Lawrence Walker

Lawrence Walker

“Uncle” Lawrence Walker, born in 1928 in Hartford City, passed away on Dec 24 in his nursing home in Newburgh, IN. Uncle Lawrence was the last of the three Walker brothers being the grandson of the emigrated Johann Friedrich Walker and Maria Agnes Walker from Wankheim. Maria Agnes Walkers family originated from Kusterdingen. In 2002 […]

Kemmler in Pfullingen are originating from Ohmenhausen

The market place with the city halls

After intensive research in the birth and marriage books of the Protestant Church in Pfullingen I was succesful to find the link of the Kemmler line in Pfullingen with the Kemmler in Ohmenhausen. Conrad Kemmler moved from Ohmenhausen to Pfullingen and married their. Once more the name Kemmler proved its origin to be in Ohmenhausen.

Stay healthy and do some research

in our current crazy time I wish all friends, researchers and visitors of my website: Stay healthy! The reduction of activities outside it is possibly a chance to investigate in the family history and follow hints, which haven’t been clear so far. I wish all of you a lot of success.

Kemmler in Burghaun, Hessen

This year I have finally found some time to intensify my research again. Beside quality checks of my data I have startet a larger project. Already a number of years ago I found out that in Burghaun and Rothenkirchen in Hessen there is another hot spot of the name Kemmler. Over time there even co-exist […]

Surprising Kemmler discovery in Sondelfingen

When I was looking  up the church records in Sondelfingen I surprisingly found some very old entries for the Kemmler name between 1570 and 1620. But even more surprising was the fact that after that time no further Kemmler entry could be found in Sondelfingen, near Reutlingen. It seems that they moved somewhere else.

Visit to the Hoefles festival in Jettenburg

Besuch Emil Bader in Jettenbutg

From Emil Bader On August 18, 2019 I, Emil Ferdinand Bader, visited together with my wife, our son and his partner the Hoefle festival in Jettenburg. We arrived on Saturday afternoon in Jettenburg and decided to have a first look to the location. We met the whole crew, who was busy with the setup having […]

1.856 Emigrants are online

Following the roots of persons who left the Haerten in the neighbor cities I have found additional family members who emigrated from Rommelsbach, Sickenhausen and Degerschlacht. In total there are now 1.856 emigrated persons online.

1,825 emigrants online

After some additional research my database contains 1,825 persons which have been uploaded to the website.

Updated emigration list online

As I have started to intensify my genealogy research again I did a number of verification indicated by Rootsmagic the new software package I’m using to maintain my ancestral information. As a consequence new emigrants have been found and incorporated in my database. The number of  emigrants I have captured increased to 1.815. You can […]

In memoriam Charles Walker

Charles Walker, grand-son of the emigrant, Johann Friedrich Walker, passed away on Jun 8, 2018 after a blessed life of 96 years. He was still helping out on the farm and supported his son Fred. Charles was a wonderful man with a tremendous sense of humor and always a smile on his face. He was […]

Descendants of Ernst Friedrich Bader found via the website

A few weeks ago Emil Ferdinand Bader posted a comment via the web site. After a quick check against the database it became obvious that he is a distant cousin to me. His great-grandfather, Ernst Friedrich Bader, emigrated in 1877 from Jettenburg to Switzerland. We started exchanging ancestors against descendants and created a win-win situation […]

Visit of Wesley, Mary, Richard and Kay Riehle on the Haerten area

On Friday Sep 29, 2017 the grandchildren of the emigrant Johann Georg Riehle from Maehringen, Wesley and Richard Riehle arrived on the Haerten with their spouses Mary and Kay. The visit started in the city hall in Kusterdingen with a reception by the Mayor Dr. Juergen Soltau, who welcomed the guests. Hans Kern and Manuel […]

Grandsons of the emigrant Johann Georg Riehle will visit Maehrigen in September

For end of September we will get another visitor from the U.S. Wesley Riehle and his brother Richard Riehle, grand-sons of Johann Georg Riehle, born Feb 5, 1879 in Maehringen, who emigrated in 1902 to Harrington, WA will visit us together with their spouses from September 29th – October 1st. One of their big wishes […]

In memoriam Betty Walker

from left: Hans Kern, Rose Schmid, Mr. Breitmaier, Monica Schmid, Lawrence, Betty and Charles Walker

Betty June Walker (92), the mother of my wonderful cousin, Brenda Walker Kearns passed away on May 31st, 2017 in her home in Hartford City. I have met Betty several times during my visits in Hartford and her visit in Germany in 2002. She was a great lady with a big heart. I  will allways […]

Sharing of Kuttler information

From James Kuttler I would be happy to share information about the Kuttler family in the U.S. My ancestors Christian Kuttler and Maria Elisabeth Bauer emigrated in 1855 from Immenhausen to the U.S. Christian Kuttler b. 5 Sep 1819-Immenhausen d. 12 Jun 1886-Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co., OH) Maria Elisabeth Bauer b. 19 Sep 1824-Immenhausen m. 28 […]

Melanie Jay – a Bader descendant in Jettenburg

v.l. Bürgermeister Soltau, Melanie Jay, Nathan Jay, Keith und Sackary Jay

After a few weeks planning between Melanie, Hans Kern from the Historical Society and myself we were able to arrange a nice schedule for Melanie and her family. On Wednesday Nov 24th  Melanie Jay arrived with her husband Keith and the two sons  Nathan and Zackary  in Reutlingen where they have found an appartement for […]

Barnes and farm houses of the emigrants

After a longer break I can continue my postings on the website. Today I will invite you to a little journey through my photo archive showing the barns and houses of emigrants, the first essentials they needed to make a living . In the second part I have added some pictures about the dramatic revolution […]

Visit to the Riehle relatives in Edgerton, OH

Riehle family reunion in Edgerton, OH - 2006

From  Renate Riehle After the visit of Steve Thunander in  2004  we three siblings , Christa (with family,  Hans-Joerg and I, visited the U.S.  in  2006. Our first stop was in  Chicago, where we met with  Steve and Cecilia Thunander, their sons and girl friends for a city tour and a great dinner.  There was […]

Daniel Grauer and Anna Maria Ruckwied – Maehringen to Niagara Falls

Daniel Grauer's discharge of the Royal Wuerttemberg Artillerie Regiment

From Dick Kreitner, CT Background When my grandmother Anna Jeanette Grauer died in 1970, I was fortunate to receive a box of letters and documents from the attic of the old Grauer farm house near Niagara Falls, New York.  At that time, I had very little time to examine the documents. Many years later, as […]

Succesful cooperation confirms Kemmler-branch in Switzerland

Thanks to the succesful cooperation with  Petra Kemmler there is the final confirmation that  Johann Jakob Kemmler, born on  Oct 27, 1842 in Zollikon, Switzerland, was the son of Johann Georg Kemmler, who was born April 15, 1817 in Nehren and emigrated after 1831  to Switzerland.

Desperate letter to the emigrated siblings

In 1832 Johann Georg Schettler emigrated from Wankheim as the first one of the Schettler family to Amerika and settled in  West Unity, Williams Co., OH. In 1846 all his other siblings Johannes, Johann Jakob, Anna Maria, Luzia, Anna, Heinrich and Christina as well as his widowed father,  Johan Adam Schettler cane to the U.S. […]

Emigration paths into the USA

Emigration ship "Allemania "

Typical emigration ports The emigration from Wuerttemberg happened mostly via the following ports: Le Havre (France),  Antwerp (Belgium), Rotterdam (Netherlands), Bremen and Hamburg (Germany). The crossing of the Atlantic was already an adventure for itself.  Friedrich Kemmler (born June  11, 1848 in Wankheim) arrived with the ship „Allemannia“ on January 11,.1869 in New York  (picture […]

Robert Eugen Kemmler

First page of the letter of Robert Eugen Kemmler to his mother dated January 24, 1892

During my research I found the emigrant  Robert Eugen Kemmler, born July  6, 1867 in Rudersberg, Germany.  His father was,  Gottlieb Kemmler, was a teacher and originally came from Reicheneck. Due to his profession he moved 1844 to Waldenbuch, 1852 to Oberboebingen and stayed several years in Rudersberg, where 3 of his 5 children were […]

2003 – Visit to Hartford City, IN

Charles Walker und Emil Kemmler am Pferdetransporter

In memory of my beloved father who would have become 82 years old yesterday. Visiting the Bauer’s in Montpelier, OH After the vacation in the Canadian Rocky’s we planned to visit our Walker relatives in Hartford City, Indiana. On Sep 20, 2003 we flew from Toronto into Indianapolis, where  Brenda and John Kearns picked up […]

Unknown travel companions

Julius Zeeb, (born Nov 24, 1900 in Gomaringen)

We need your support! Based on our current knowledge Julius Zeeb joined a group of people from Maehringen, a city close to his hometown in 1924 to travel to Brasil. The group wanted to settle in a German community in Brasil called Blumenau. Julius hoped to get easier into the U.S. where his fiancée already […]

Distribution of the name Kemmler between 1600 – 1900

Snapshot of interactive map showing the distribution of Kemmler's in 1900 as Dec 2015

Distribution over time I always wanted to visualize how the name Kemmler have spread out over the centuries. With this post I try to give it a shot. In a first step I have selected all persons carrying the name Kemmler in all the known variants as Kemmler, Kaemmler – male and female – out […]

Emigration maps online

Based on the statistics  produced in September I have prepared now the respective maps using ARCGIS Online from ESRI.

The name Kemmler became Kämmler (Kaemmler)

Sigmund Kemmler, born May 9, 1798 in Wankheim emigrated in 1817 via Reicheneck to Bessarabia. His parents had moved from Wankheim to Reicheneck. In Arzis in Bessarabia he married Anna Katharina Kraemer from Oferdingen. Dr. Walter Schmid wrote in his book „Die Auswanderung von den Härten“ (The emigration from the Haerten“ on the pages 62 […]

Steve Thunader visiting the hometown of his ancestors

Steve mit Familie und seinen Mähringer und Kusterdinger Verwandten

Another successful family reunion between the descendants of emigrants and their hometown area worked out in 2004. Steve  contacted me in May 2004 shortly before his trip to Germany. He was searching for his emigrated grandfather, Johannes Grauer born Aug 19, 1882  from Kusterdingen, who emigrated in 1906 to the U.S. During some research we […]

Who is the young man on the picture?

Unbekannter Verandter von Rosina Barbara Gutbrod?

Supporting my presentation for the Historical Society in Maehringen  in 2005 Betty Dunn discovered an old photo from a relative in Germany. The picture was taken in Tuebingen. Betty assumes that it very likely a relative of  Rosina Barbara Gutbrod, who emigrated from Kusterdingen to the U.S. Any hint would be appreciated.

My grandfather’s barn

Walker Barn which was owned by Jacob Walker and known as “German Stock Farm

From Regena Trant Schantz – December 2002 Last summer I visited my great-grandfather’s barn for the first time. My father had often talked about his grandfather but I did not know too much about him or his brother Fred, whose farm I also visited. As I stood in the barn I wondered why this barn […]

Broken Email Links

Dear Cousins and Friends, when I tried to inform you about the new website I had to notice that a lot of the email addresses I had on record didn’t work anymore. So please send me an update of your email address,  that we can stay in contact. Kind regards Ruediger  

A phenomenal documenation of emigration from Gomaringen

Cover of the book "Das Glück in de Fremde gesucht" - Searching for look in a foreign country

Beatrice Burst and Birgit Walliser-Nuber have opened a new chapter in the documentation of emigration from the former Kingdom of Wuerttemberg. In their recently released book “Das Glück in der Fremde gesucht” Gomaringer Auswanderer 1679 – 1957 Editor: Geschichts- und Altertumsverein Gomaringen e.V. Publischer: Gomaringer Verlag & Druck GmbH ISBN: 978-3926969-35-4 they have documented around  […]

First visit to the Walker family in Hartfort City, IN

I had already an intense email contact with  Brenda (Walker) Kearns and with Gena (Trant) Schantz establishing the link with their closest relatives in Germany, Wilma (Walker) Hipp in Wannweil when their was a chance to visit my cousins of 5th degree in   Hartford City, IN.

Digel became Tickle

Picture Erich Sommer 15.10.2008

Joey Tickle explained to Dr. Soltau, Major of Kusterdingen, Ulrike Pfeil from the Schwaebische Tagblatt (local press) and Manfred Wandel , President of Historical Society, how the name Digel became Tickle. His ancestor Johannes Digel left Immenhausen around 1754 and first settled in Pennsylvania but finally moved to Orange Co. in North Carolina. Joey and […]

Linda Hoyouse visiting the homeland of her ancestors

Tombstone of Johann Adam Hoss, *Feb 15, 1793. +Aug 26, 1853

That was my dream ever since My first contact with Linda was in July 2001 and over the time she has provided me with a no. of great information about her Hoss ancestors and other families in Crawford Co. Linda is the great-great-great-granddaughter of Anna Maria Hoss,  born Dec 25, 1826 the daughter of Johann […]

Anna Katharina (Grauer) Schneider died with 101

Anna Katharina Grauer born on May 31, 1826 in Maehringen, Wurttemberg died end of October 1926 with 101 years in  Niagara Falls, NY. Anna Katharina emigrated with her parents Daniel Grauer and Anna Maria Ruckwied as well as the siblings Johann Adam and Anna Maria Grauer 1833 to America. The baby Anna Maria died on […]

The Kemmler Brewery

Kemmler Christmas beer

I was quite surprised when I discovered that there exists or better existed a Kemmler Brewery and a Kemmler beer. I could figure out, that  Johann Georg Kemmler, born Jun 06, 1827 in Wankheim moved to Oberesslingen and became the innkeeper of the “Lamm”. The background of this move is unclear however the son of […]

Story of Aunt Kate

as told by Frances (Gibson) McPherson I’ll tell you what little I know about my grandmother, Kate[1]. She was born in Jettenburg, Germany on April 2, 1859. The one thing she remembered most about life there was that as a child of 5 or 6 – she tended the geese while she knit. She was […]

Memories of Peter Grauer, Marcus, Iowa

From Peter Grauer[1] My mother died in 1912. At her funeral the undertaker was Louie Nelson. He still used horses to draw the hearse. There were about 12 horses drawn buggies at the funeral and about the same number of automobiles. The cars left first and then waited at Trinity Lutheran Church for the horse […]

Story of Maria Barbara Gutbrod, born March 23, 1870 in Kusterdingen

From Betty Dunn This is Maria Barbara Gutbrodt Learned’s story. It is a true story. I  am her granddaughter. I am telling her story from memories she told her daughter (my aunt), Angeline Friederika, and information gleaned from a microfilm of church records dating back to the year 1556. The year is now 1994 but […]

Schwartzkopf – Long Reunion

This reunion is made up of the descendants, friends and relatives of John and Barbara (Myers) Schwartzkopf who were both born and raised in Germany. John and his brother Jacob were keeping company with the Myers sisters, Barbara and Elizabeth. Jacob and Elizabeth were married while in Germany and were the parents of one child, […]

Memories of George Shetler

A Brief Statement of My Transit History of Life I, George Shetler, a citizen of German township, Fulton County, State of Ohio, U.S. of America, was born in Europe, Empire of Germany, Kingdom of Wurttemberg, Oberamt Tuebingen, in the village of Wankheim, March 10, 1815. I received a common school education from the age of […]

Emigration – Overall views

Top 10 Distribution according countries This graph shows the extremely high portion (81%) of emigrants who settled in the U.S. Top 10 distribution according countries – for the name Kemmler only For the Kemmler portion the US part is about 10% smaller than for all emigrants. Top 10  distribution according countries for emigrants from the […]

Emigration destionations outside North America

For the first time I have done a comprehensive analysis of all the  emigrants listed in my database and split them by North America and other countries. Here is now the part for the other countries. Sources for selecting the destination was the place of death if available and secondly the information about the emigration […]

My first meeting with U.S. cousins

Thanks to the internet I got quickly in contact with 2 American researcher, who had their roots on the Haerten.  Tim Grauer und Dolye Walz. It became quickly obvious that we are distant related. Tim is the great-grandson of Christof Grauer, who lerft Jettenburg in 1862 and settled in Marcus, Cherokee Co., IA. Doyle Walz […]

Updated Emigration Statistics – US

Available information During the last days I have made an update on the statistics in my emigrant database. The total number of persons who emigrated to North America is 1.423 whereof 2 settled in Canada and 571 in the U.S. For 851 persons I only now that they emigrated to North America, with a high […]

Visit of Brenda & John Kearns and Gena & Kerry Schantz in Wankheim and Wannweil

In 2004 the next generation came to visit Germany. After their parents Charles and Betty Walker in 2002, Brenda Kearns with her husband John and her cousin Gena Schantz with her daughther Kerry visited us in May 20004. Brenda is the great-great-daughter of Johann Friedrich Walker, who emigrated in 1865 and Gena is the great-great-daughter […]

Charles, Betty and Lawrence Walker visiting Germany

After my first visit to the Walker family in  Hartford City, Indiana in April 2002 the grand-sons of the the emigrated Johann Friedrich Walker, Charles and Lawrence Walker decided to come to visit Germany from Aug 26th  – September 4th, 2002. Charles’ wife Betty joined the two brothers on their trip to their roots. I […]

Dr. Klaus Kemmler – Book about his seedsman family

During my research I had the luck to meet Dr. Klaus Kemmler, who has written a book about the history of his own Goenninger seedsman family. The book has the title “Wo des Roßbergs Haupt sich hebet” and has the ISBN No. 3-87421-985-2. It gives interesting information about the trading activities of these families, and […]

Seed traders of Goenningen travelled whole Europe and the US?

Seed museum in Goenningen

Trading with seeds was also a long tradition in Kemmler families. They travelled whole Europe to sell their seeds. Some of the death recordings give a good overview about the spread.  The travel activities must have started already before 1800.  It looks like that also women did travelling as well. Depending to the final target […]

Where are my Kemmler’s from?

My research has started with my hometown Wankheim and the surrounding towns like Maehringen, Jettenburg, Immenhausen, Kusterdingen (the Haerten area), Stockach, Betzingen, Reicheneck, Pfullingen, Ohmenhausen, Bronnweiler, Goenningen, Undingen, Gomaringen, Hinterweiler, Nehren, Moessingen and Dusslingen in Germany. All these towns are located between or in the surrounding of the old university city of Tuebingen and the […]

Tombstone of Johann Ulrich Bauer

Johann Ulrich Bauer, called John emigrated in 1869 from Immenhausen to the U.S. together with his brother Jacob. He married Friederike Mechler in Aug 28, 1873. John was running a restaurant and bakery. He even had a bread and cake delivery service in 1893. Together with his brother Jacob he was running a livery stable. […]

Tombstone of Fred Bauer

Friedrich “Fred” Bauer, the youngest of the Bauer brother’s left Immenhausen and followed his brothers Jacob und Johann Ulrich together with his sisters Johanna Friederike and Maria Agnes in 1882 from Immenhausen and married Gay Fern Ritchey on Jun 29, 1905. They had three children, Mary, Geraldine and Jacob Ward “Bud” Bauer. He is buried […]

Tombstone of Jacob Bauer

Jacob Bauer emigrated in 1869 together with his brother Johann Ulrich “John” from Immenhausen to the U.S. Jacob Bauer married Friederike Grosshans in the U.S. As far as I know they didn’t have kids. According the book “Montpelier through the years 1845 – 1995” Jacob must have been a busy entrepreneur. He was running a […]

Wanderbuch of Johann Georg Walker

Cover of the Wanderbuch From relatives  I have found in Crawford Co. I got a copy of a “Wanderpass”, it’s like an early passport. The cover of the “Wanderbuch” of Johann Georg Walker. It contains several places where he has stopped on his way from Wankheim to the port of Bremen where he obviously took […]

Johann Georg Walker buried on Lust Cemetery

This is the tombstone of Johann Georg Walker who emigrated in 1834 from Wankheim and was the first of several Walker emigrants. Three of his nephews followed him. All of them came to Crawford Co. first and stayed with im for a while. One of them John George Walker settled in Crawford Co. as well, […]

Jacob Burke and Katharina Hoss

This picture shows Jacob Burke and Katharina Hoss, d/o Johann Adam Hoss and Christina (Grauer) Hoss, born Nov 25, 1830 in Maehringen. Katherina married Jacob in the U.S. dates are unknown. She emigrated in 1834 with her parents, who settled first in Crawford Co., OH. He remembers me always to Abraham Lincoln.

Johann Adam Hoss & Emma Catherine Schnarrenberger

This picture shows Johann Adam Hoss and his wife Emma Catherine Schnarrenberger. Johann Adam is a  grandson of the first Hoss emigrant Johann Adam Hoss and his wife Christina Grauer and a half brother of Philipp Frederik. His father, Johann Adam Hoss (*17.8.1823) married Magdalena Lutz (*16.1.1825 in Ebersbuehl, Calw county in Wuerttemberg) (his first wife).  […]

Philipp Frederik Hoss & Elizabeth Klink

This is a picture of Philipp Frederik Hoss and his wife Elizabeth Klink. Philipp is a grandson of the first Hoss emigrant Johann Adam Hoss and his wife Christina Grauer. His father, Johann Adam Hoss (*17.8.1823) married Catharina Leuze (*26.12.1829) (Leitzy) from Pfullingen, who emigrated with her parents, Philipp Franz Leuze (*3.4.1788)  and Maria Agnes Mollenkopf (*12.10.1791) […]

Johann Adam Hoss buried on Lust Cemetery

Johann Adam Hoss,  *15.02.1793 +26.8.1853 Johann Adam Hoss emigrated in 1834 from the village of Maehringen in the former Kingdom of Wuerttemberg with his wife Christina Grauer and his kids Johann Adam, Anna Maria, Katherine and Christina and settled in Crawford Co. He and his family is buried on Lust Cemetery. The inscription reads: Hier […]

Seed trade museum in Goenningen

Seed museum in Goenningen

There is a museum in Goenningen showing equipment and documents about the trading activities. It’s called Samenhandelsmuseum and is located at: Stöfflerplatz 2 72770 Reutlingen – Goenningen Phone: +49 7121 303-2050 Fax: +49 7121 303-2768 Email: heimat-museum@reutlingen.de

Jackie Bergstrom visits Maehringen and Jettenburg

In August 2001 the first visit of a distant US relative took place.  Jackie Dubois and her husband, Daryl Bergstrom, came visiting us for a few days. Jackie’s ancestors were  Johannes Keinath from Maehringen and  Johann Heinrich Durr from Jettenburg.  Johannes Keinath married Caroline Durr, the daughter of Johann Heinrich Durr, who was already born […]

Bill Borders und his sons visited Jettenburg

James, Richard, William "Bill", William "Bud" Border in front of the church in Jettenburg

A long dream became true on August 12, 2006. William S. “Bill” Borders and his sons  William S. “Bud”, James, and Richard were visiting Jettenburg, the city where their ancestors came from. The sheep herder, Matthias Bader and his family left Jettenburg  1752 and had been amongst the first emigrants from the Haerten area.  The […]

Researcher in Gomaringen

A good friend of mine is a vivid researcher and we have already exchanged a lot of information. If you have detailed question about Gomaringen, she is definitely a good entry point. If you want to get in contact with her, please let me know.

The ADR Kemler Code

The ADR Kemler Code

If you see a truck transporting dangerous goods you may have seen the orange plates indicating the loaded type of dangerous goods. One of this codifications issued by the United Nations is the so called ADR Kemler code. Named after a French delegate in charge of this code.

The Kemmler hill in Saxony

The Bismarck tower on the Kemmler hill in Plauen.

The pictures shows the Bismarck tower on top of the Kemmler hill in the city of Plauen, Saxony in the Eastern part of Germany. From the tower you have a  360° view over the Vogtland. If you want more information about the city of Plauen you can get to the official website.

The Kemmler Piano

Kemmler Piano

This piano was very likely manufactured in London by the piano company of Carl Kemmler, an emigrant from  Pfullingen. His brother Robert Eugen emigrated first to London as well, but then moved on to New York in 1891  to search his emigrated uncles in PA and New Orleans. The piano was offered for purchase in […]

William Kemmler

Very likely the most famous Kemmler is William Kemmler, who was the first man, who was sentenced to death as the first person on the electric chair in Auburn prison, New York on Aug 6, 1890 after he had murdered his friend Tilly in Buffalo, NY. After an intensive research I could figure out where […]

John Diefenbach visits his Bauer relatives in Germany

John & Terry Diefenbach in Wankheim

Beginning of June everything had to be organized on a short notice.   John Diefenbach, descendant of Johann Georg Bauer (*23.9.1810), who emigrated in 1832 from Wankheim to Illinois, wanted to visit the hometown of his ancestors and to meet some relatives as well as doing some research. He had planned his trip to Germany already […]

From the Haerten to America and return

Dorian R. Woods, Tuebingen On May 23rd, 2003  Dorian R. Woods gave a presentation about her ancestor, Jakob Kuttler.  He and his parents Sigmund Kuttler and Anna Maria Dieter together with his sisters Anna Margarethe and Anna Maria Kuttler emigrated in April 1881 to the U.S. and settled in Hartford City, Blackford Co., IN. Dorian is […]