Anna Katharina Grauer born on May 31, 1826 in Maehringen, Wurttemberg died end of October 1926 with 101 years in  Niagara Falls, NY. Anna Katharina emigrated with her parents Daniel Grauer and Anna Maria Ruckwied as well as the siblings Johann Adam and Anna Maria Grauer 1833 to America. The baby Anna Maria died on the Atlantic Ocean and was buried there.

Anna Katharina married 1846 Rev. Theobald Schneider,  who emigrated in 1834 from Wuerttemberg . Together they had 13 children.

Due to the high age there is even a picture available which was obviously made for her 100 anniversary. Her obit appeared in the New York Times on Oct 29, 1929.

New York Times - Oct 29, 1927
New York Times – Oct 29, 1927

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